BernienLab @ UChicago

The Bernien lab focuses on finding answers to the questions: How can we scale fully controlled quantum systems from the current few-particle level to many particles and large distances? How can we study the fascinating effects that arise from the increased complexity in these systems? How can these phenomena be utilized for quantum technology?
The lab combines techniques from quantum control and quantum optics with ultracold atoms and nanotechnology in order to develop new ways of engineering large, fully controlled quantum systems and studying the phenomena that arise in such systems.


24 Nov. 2019: Best oral AMO presentation at NSBP! Congrats, Jordan!

Jordan won the Best Student Oral Presentation in Photonics and AMO physics at this year’s NSBP! His talk on “Probing Topological Quantum Systems with Cold Atoms“ was awarded by the committee with the Corning Best Student Oral Presentation award. Congratulations, Jordan!

09 Nov. 2019: MCAW 2019

Great times at the Midwest Cold Atom Workshop. Bernien Lab spent an awesome day at Northwestern University full of interesting talks and great discussions. Big thanks to Tim Kovachy and the folks at Northwestern for putting this event together!

29 Aug. 2019: Farewell Frankie

Frankie finished his three months summer research project in our lab. As a result we are now able to make very versatile light patterns that can be used to trap atoms in flexible geometries, or to write our lab logo in atoms. We wish Frankie a successful continuation of his studies!

29 Aug. 2019: Welcome Samantha

Samantha Lapp from UIUC is joining our lab. Samantha will be working on our Rydberg laser system. We look forward to doing research together and also having fun outside the lab just as we did at the welcome Samantha, farewell Frankie dinner!

18 Mar. 2019: Officially a laser lab

Today Jordan and Shankar switched on the first lasers of our lab. We are now officially a laserlab. Let there be many more lasers in all different colors!