21 Oct. 2021:

Dual-element atom array!!

We are excited to share our recent results on our dual-element atom array on the arXiv. These arrays consist of individually trapped rubidium (blue) and cesium atoms (yellow) with up to 512 trapping sites. We have individual control over each atomic element and can place them in arbitrary two-dimensional arrays. In the image you see an interleaved array geometry that is very relevant to surface codes and Chicago landmarks (possibly the smallest image with the fewest atoms of the Sears Tower and the Bean). We also demonstrate that such atom arrays can be operated in a continuous mode operation where you will always have atoms ready for quantum protocols. We are very excited about the avenues for ancilla-assisted quantum protocols that this will enable such as quantum non-demolition measurements and quantum error correction, as well as continuously operating quantum processors and sensors. Find out more here.